Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe

Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe

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Europe, with the rapid development of its unique aviation market and accompanying legal and... mehr
Beschreibung "Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe"

Europe, with the rapid development of its unique aviation market and accompanying legal and regulatory framework, has become a key strategic factor in international aviation. Recent developments, such as the 2010 volcanic ash crisis (with its wide ranging international effects) and the European Union’s decision to apply its emissions trading scheme to international aviation, demonstrate that aviation professionals worldwide require a sophisticated understanding of European air law and regulation.
The Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe provides a thorough review and analysis of international air law, with a particular focus on its application in Europe. With its blend of commentary and essential reference material, the Compendium is modeled on the three-volume “Kölner Kompendium des Luftrechts”, which constitutes an authoritative German-language treatise on International, European, and German air law.
Now, the Cologne Compendium on Air Law in Europe shifts the focus to the European perspective and addresses a wide range of aviation law topics, including:

  • Airspace
  • Aircraft
  • Air traffic structure and rights
  • Safety and Security
  • Carriage
  • Liability
  • Consumer Protection
  • Insurance
  • Competition Law

The Compendium’s target audience includes: attorneys in private practice and those who are employees of airlines and airports, as well as lawyers and other professionals from government and industry. These aviation professionals as well as others who are interested in aviation will receive a comprehensive overview on the legal situation of the most topical problems of air law in the world with a special focus on Europe.

The editors:
Professor Dr. Stephan Hobe, LL.M., University of Cologne, Director Institute of Air and Space Law, Holder of the Chair for Public International Law, European Law, European and International Economic Law; Nicolai von Ruckteschell, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance and Corperate Officer, Frankfurt a.M. David Heffernan, Partner WilmerHale, Washington D.C.

The authors:
80 contributors who are active in private legal practice, universities and government administrations as well as in the various sectors of the aviation industry such as airlines and airports.



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