EPLP - European Patent Litigation in Practice

EPLP - European Patent Litigation in Practice

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On June 1, 2023, the Unified Patent Court - with its local, regional and central chambers spread... mehr
Beschreibung "EPLP - European Patent Litigation in Practice"

On June 1, 2023, the Unified Patent Court - with its local, regional and central chambers spread across Europe - began its work. The court's decisions have a binding effect for all 17 participating member states.

Our new journal EPLP provides commentary and insights on decisions of the Unified Patent Court. It also covers litigation before the national European courts with cross-border implications.

The aim of our journal is to provide a comprehensive overview not only of developments in major litigation hotspots, but also in other member states of the EPC and the UPC Agreement. To this end, the journal has an editorial team with members from Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands and an advisory board with members from the other UPC member states as well as the UK.

The topics covered in each issue will be addressed in a variety of formats, depending on the focus of the article:

  • Articles
  • Case Notes
  • Reports
  • Decisions

EPLP offers:

  • an up-to-date classification of all decisions of the Unified Patent Court
  • an international team of authors
  • publications exclusively in English
  • a particularly practical and concise presentation

The international focus allows commenting on a decision with a view from each participating member state.


  • Daniel Hoppe, Attorney at law, Hamburg;
  • Konstantin Schallmoser, Attorney at law, Paris; 
  • Ina Schreiber, Patent Attorney, Paris; 
  • Jeroen Boelens, Attorney at law, Amsterdam; 
  • Tankred Thiem, Attorney at law, Miland

Advisory Board:

  • Austria: Rainer Schultes, Attorney at law, Vienna
  • Belgium: Philippe Campolini, Attorney at law, Brussels
  • Bulgaria: Martin Zahariev, Attorney at law, Sofia
  • Denmark: Anders Valentin, Attorney at law, Copenhagen
  • Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Ausra Pakeniene, European Patent Attorney, Vilnius
  • Finland: Sini Petsalo, Attorney at law & Patent Attorney, Helsinki
  • Luxembourg: Vincent Wellens, Attorney at law, Luxembourg
  • Malta: Luigi Sansone, Attorney at law, Valetta
  • Portugal: Marta Alves Vieira, Attorney at law, Lisbon
  • Sweden: Jonas Westerberg, Attorney at law, Stockholm
  • Slovenia: Aleksandra Jemc Merc, Attorney at law, Ljubljana
  • United Kingdom: Pete Damerell Solicitor, London


The journal can be subscribed to in print or digitally. You can access our first issue (published in September 2023) free of charge:
EPLP - European Patent Litigation in Practice | Wolters Kluwer Online Shop (wolterskluwer-online.de)

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